Synonyms for Settings

labyrinth c 1. Theseus and the Minotaur’s Labyrinth

mythical temple 2. Zeus and the Greek temple

mythical ocean 3. Odysseus and the ocean voyage

This week we have been working on our setting description. We have tried to find synonyms for our adjectives to improve our vocabulary choices to interest and excite the reader.

Using the three examples above and the corresponding characters, write some sentences that weave together settings description based on the actions of the character.

Remember – you need to decide what part of the setting your character is going to interact with and then use this to describe it.

Don’t forget descriptive skills such as simile, senses and weather.

e.g. Setting 3 = Odysseus sailed wearily across the violent and threatening ocean. As his boat rocked from side to side like a see-saw, he noticed better weather ahead.


Mythical World

Homework 2

Make your own Greek Myth Game on Purple Mash 2DIY 3D.

Explore and practise different features before you attempt your final game
e.g. download images of characters, textures, walls, sounds and points etc.

Ensure you give your game some instructions for the player.

Once you have saved your work, click on the globe to find a link that you can copy and paste into THIS blog post so your friends can play your game!

Click here for my game! Mr Wilson 🙂

2diyYou can find this logo in the ‘tools’ section of Purple Mash.

A Mythical Beast!

Your challenge this week is to create and describe your own mythical beast!

Try to describe it by answering the following questions:

– What does it look like? (is it a combination of things?)

– Does it have mixed features?

– Is it linked to a Greek God?

– Where does it live and what is this place like?

– Does it have any unusual features?

– What are its strengths and weaknesses?

My Mythical Beast poster design

Greek Mythology

This week we have enjoyed learning about Ancient Greek Myths!

Your task is to write a review of either one of the stories you have read this week or one you have researched at home.

Your review must include;

– a summary of key events

– who is involved (Gods / Goddesses, heroes or villains or perhaps beasts)

– tell us a bit about these characters

– what was the purpose of the Myth? (what did it teach the people of Greece?)

– your opinions of the story

You can find out more about Myths and Legends by clicking the logo below…


Adventures of Attenborough!

This week your challenge is to research the life and work of one of our most iconic nature broadcasters – Sir David Attenborough.


Find out about his early life, what inspired him to become a naturalist and examples of his work and adventures around the world.

Extra Challenge = What is your favourite Attenborough clip and why?

Amazon Animals!

For this week’s homework, research and write a fact file about an unusual creature from the Amazon rainforest.

Try to select something that is very unusual or can only be found in this part of the world.

In your own words explain;

– what it looks like

– where it lives in the rainforest

– its diet

Extra Challenge > Can you explain how it is suited and adapted to a rainforest environment?